Hit-Air Life vests

Safe air bag for horse riders

You know the airbags from cars. When a collision is blown up and an airbag protects the driver or passengers. Now you can get an easy and convenient air bag to ride with. Perfect for eventing, hunting, breaking in of young horses, jumping, rough riding ... and for people who just want to take extra care of yourself when you are on horseback. Hit-Air weighs only 800 grams and is lightweight and comfortable to ride with. Hit-Air is available for both children and adults.

Comes with 1 pc. co2 cartridge and detailed instructions.

How it works:

Hit-Air protects your neck, back, chest, ribs, flanks and hips from a fall.

You connect Hit-Air with your saddle via a strap and a small wire that easily clicks off and on. By a fall from horse is the wire tightened and thus triggered the CO2 cartridge, which sits in a closed pocket in front of Hit-Air. In just half a second is Hit-Air inflated - in good time before you hit the ground.

After Hit-Air is inflated air seeps out slowly. When all air is out, can you put a new CO2 cartridge in - and the West is as good as new. Ready for use again.

About Hit-Air:

Hit-Air has been developed in Japan by Mugen Denko company, which over many years has specialized in the production of airbags for motorcyclists and motor sport. The firm is recognized and certified to the highest standards and delivers airbags for particular motorcycle cops in many countries. Hit-Air is new in Denmark, but is already used by, among other eventing riders Peter Flarup and Louise Plaun.

For approval:

Everyone must ride with Hit-Air. But if you ride a discipline or class, where according to regulations is a requirement that you must wear an approved safety vest, so you must ride with Hit-Air and an approved safety vest. Hit-Air and other airbags are therefore complementary to the approved West. Perfections like you in a car has both a belt and an airbag

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